Sky is not the limit.

The apple may have fallen down for one of the greatest discoveries. But the idea of gravity didn’t come by looking down at the floor but up at the apple tree. Innovation and great discoveries are brought by visionaries who think ahead and forward. At MobME we believe that whoever said ‘sky is the limit’ didn’t look upwards enough.

Stars are last night's dreams.

Explorers have always looked at start and discovered new lands and new treasures. That spirit of raw exploration has been rekindled here at MobME. We dream without sleeping. And our dreams are endless, like stars in the sky


Future is today.

Future is not a word we are afraid of at MobME. Our team does not get intimidated by the impossible. Everything that is called ‘futuristic’ is present today. It’s only a matter of someone daring to find them now. That’s why we call ourselves the Explorers of the Future. Because every day is a new possibility.

Continuous Innovation

MobME works like a Mothership, creating, nurturing and launching its spaceships into the wilderness of the vast business world.

We parent each of our spaceships from idea through execution, ironing out the wrinkles until we have a winner of a working model in our hands. Each spaceship is then released out into the ether to take its own course, driving value to MobME.

We are constantly on the look-out for a new problem to chew on until we hit upon our next shiny idea! It’s a repeating cycle of innovation we just can’t seem to get enough of.

  • Geckolyst

  • Digital Banking Labs

  • Chillr

    Simplifying money

  • NetSol

  • JetSetPay


    Our force multiplier

  • Fastalerts


Often referred to as ‘WhatsApp for Money’, Chillr is India’s 1st multi-bank instant mobile payment application, offering seamless transactional experience to end-customers by simply linking their existing bank accounts to the application. Chillr enables money transfers without the hassle of adding beneficiaries or remembering OTPs while ensuring a secure and safe transaction experience.

From day-to-day transactions like fund transfers and recharges to splitting bills with friends or requesting money when in need, Chillr has proven to be a hassle-free, cash-free and worry-free platform for all your money needs.

In its first year alone, Chillr hit a stupendous 1.8 million downloads and crossed over $45+ million in cashless transactions while also securing a spot in the prestigious ‘App Store Best of 2015’ that enlists Apple’s pick of the best and innovative apps on the App Store.

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Startup Village

Learn. Execute. Graduate.
Best known for its inclusive public-private partnership incubator based in Kochi, helps student founders build their first startup by providing the essential foundation and guidance to build great startups, right in school and college.

Having won numerous awards and created stellar startups in a matter of years, is now an online-first learning platform for first-time founders. It is the first learning platform for entrepreneurship that verifies results & rewards founders with a real degree by partnering with recognised Universities.

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Mobile ID

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Geckolyst is an easy-to-use analytic tool that enables you to read customer sentiments and analyse user opinions that are buried in unstructured text-based conversations. These could be tweets, emails, texts, blogs, reviews or web sites feedback that traditional analytics systems just can’t process.

It helps you retrieve relevant actionable insights, understand customer experience and uncover root causes, thereby empowering more agile and perceptive decision-making.

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Digital Banking Labs

As the banking and finance industry is witnessing a digital transformation, Digital Banking Labs provides end-to-end support to Banks and Financial Institutions with its services from design to development of digital banking applications. Over the years, DBL has proven its expertise in digitising banking products for India’s leading banks such as ICICI Bank, Federal Bank, Union Bank and Bank of Baroda to name a few.

With a team dedicated towards continuous innovation in Digital Banking, DBL comes with the technical and user know-how in building a user-friendly and secure platform with the right feature set that best suits the needs of its end users.


FastAlerts: is an enterprise specific SMS bulk service, which allows users to select a group of targeted users using the hierarchy tree to send alerts/news or any sort of information via sms/email.

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JetSetPay is a mobile-based payment check-out solution for m-commerce transactions that offers seamless transactional experience for the user, ensuring fewer redirections, lower drop-offs and consequently higher revenue for the merchant.

It enables a unified back and forth communication between merchant application and mobile banking application, all the while providing total security in transactions.

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Nesol serves the leading telecom operators in India with a wide range of innovative platforms, effective solutions & managed services that have always ensured maximum return on investment for its clients. With presence in Africa, Bangladesh & Middle East, Netsol is one of the fastest growing Network Solution providers in the country.

With revolutionary products that scores on effectiveness, pricing models, and flexibility and have stood the test of time, Netsol offers expertise in powering and managing SMSC, USSD, IVR & OBD platforms. Its flagship product ZULO (Zero-User-Latch-On Alerts), an industry-first, has proven to help clients sustain & grow revenues in-spite of tough competition in the cluttered Indian market.


TAB or Technology Advisory Board is MobME’s internal council, spearheaded by our founders and key leaders, that drives ideation and creation of new ships, either as a result of evaluating internal ideas or by partnering with complementary technologies that are backed by an innovative concept.

Our vision for TAB is to make symbiotic tie-ups with fresh and new endeavours, possibly beyond the periphery of our existing business verticals in the form of investments, acqui-hiring or acquisition. With a specific portion of our cash reserves dedicated towards TAB partnerships, our partners stand to benefit significantly from our multi-pronged support in the form of financial backing, knowledge sharing, key business strategy advice etc. in their critical period of nascence.

If you think you have an amazing idea that can change the future & are interested in partnering with us, write to us at

  • Our Customer Experience Management Product ‘Geckolyst’ is launched with Vodafone India
  • 2015
    Chillr launches with its first Partner Bank - HDFC Bank and raises Series A funding of $7Mn led by Sequoia Capital
  • MobME launches its first product from the Digital Banking Labs division – ‘Mpassbook’ for Federal Bank.
  • 2013
    The Mothership – Spaceship concept is born
  • Bagged M-Governance project contract for the State Government of Nagaland.
  • 2010
    Bagged M-Governance project contract of for the State Government of Goa.
  • Set up our first flagship product of our Network VAS division ‘ZULO’
  • 2008
    Set up our first SMSC and USSD services for Vodafone in Kerala
  • Set up our first OBD and IVR services for Vodafone in Kerala
  • 2006
    Launched our first product ‘Fastalerts’, a bulk messaging platform for enterprises.